Sexuality Issues

Studies have shown that there has been a significant increase in sexuality cases being brought to counsellors involving children.

In these times, children seem to reach puberty earlier and with the widespread use of the Internet, they are exposed to sexuality issues at an earlier age.  However, this may not be accompanied by emotional and sexual maturity to understand and manage physical relationships.

Some of the issues young adults may encounter include:

  • Confused sexual identity
  • Grappling with puberty and the onset of new and unfamiliar feelings about themselves and their developing bodies
  • A boy-girl relationship, teenage crushes
  • Controlling self-stimulation behaviour
  • Addictions

At Think Psychological Services we are trained to help young adults deal with just such problems.

Our consultations are set in a comfortable and conducive environment for your child, are non-judgemental and strictly confidential.

Sexuality Issues