Child Psychologist Services

Counselling and Therapy

Think Psychological Services is considered as one of the leading private child psychologist practices in Singapore.

We understand that children and adults think differently and therefore children require specialised therapy from either an appropriately trained child psychologist and counsellor.

The main difference between counselling for children and adults is the need to alter therapy to allow for the child’s level of cognitive and emotional development.  This includes the fact that children may not be strong in verbal communication and are less likely to realise they are experiencing difficulties on their own.

At Think Psychological Services we have a team of child psychologist (both clinical, educational & developmental) and counsellors who specialise in children.  This allows us to offer a full suite of psychological services for children ranging from counselling to assessment / diagnosis to intervention recommendations.

At Think Psychological Services, we take a holistic approach to our child psychologist services which involves working closely with not only the child, but also their family, school and other professional service providers (e.g. ABA providers, speech therapists and occupational therapists).

Many parents seek our child psychologist services for a wide range of psychological and behaviour issues, inluding:

Behaviour Management

Think Psychological Services takes a developmental approach to behaviour management and intervention.

We understand that every child is different and requires a customised program.

We utilise a number of evidence-based methods in our behaviour management programs, including:

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children)

TEACH is a form of structured teaching that was developed in the US and comprises 3 components:

  • Physical organisation – When there is a system and organization in a physical environment, there are clear and visual boundaries that the child is able to understand.  This is very helpful to a child with Autism who prefers structure.
  • Visual Schedules – A daily schedule of what the child is going to do and in what sequence.  This is useful for children who have problems with sequential memory or poor time organisation.
  • Work Systems – A systematic presentation of the tasks that the child has to do independently.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

PECS is a communication system developed to help individuals acquire a functional means of communication.  It is a set of picture cards that is used to communicate for those with poor auditory memory but is able to process better visually.  It reduces frustration felt by an individual struggling to communicate through normal verbal methods.


Floortime is a type of child-led therapeutic play which builds on the child’s own interests to develop social and communication skills.  We are using their interest to engage them, to get their focus and attention, and by doing so gradually lead onto 2-way communication.

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

Think Psychological Services is an advocate of Lovaas-style ABA, which involves discrete trial training.  This training addresses social, motor, verbal behaviours as well as reasoning skills.  This form of ABA focuses on reinforcing the behaviour we want.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psychotherapeutic approach, aimed at addressing dysfunctional thoughts, behaviours or emotions.  The fundamental concept behind CBT is that an individual’s thoughts and feelings play a basic role in our behaviour and by adjusting how we view and deal with things in the environment; we can then modify our thoughts and actions.


Parenting is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences.

Even the “best” parents may require some form of support during a difficult time that either they, or their child, is facing.

Think Psychological Services understands the daunting task of being a parent and can provide guidance and support through our parent training programs.

Parent training may include providing you one-to-one counselling or making recommendations on how to handle your child’s issues (or gifts) through a child observation.

Some examples on our parent training services include:

  • Behaviour management of your child
  • Parenting related stress
  • Post natal depression and “baby blues”
  • Separation anxiety
  • Being overprotective
  • Adoption / step-parenting
Child Psychologist Services