Vyda S. ChaiClinical Psychologist

    M Psychology Clinical (Aus)
    B Psychology
    B Science (Psychology)

    AHPRA – Registered Psychologist, MAPS, MSPS, SRP, AACBT

    Vyda Chai has a Masters in Psychology (Clinical). She is a registered Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and AHPRA – Psychology board of Australia and is a full member of Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).  She is also a member of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (AACBT).

    Vyda has significant experience working with clients in Australia and Southeast Asia. She has worked in both private practice and hospital settings helping patients deal with emotional, behavioural, adjustment and clinical issues. Vyda is qualified to administer a wide range of psychometric tools for the clinical diagnosis of both children and adults. Her clinical experience extends to clients of all ages and various needs.

    Vyda has over 16 years of experience in diagnosis, psychological assessment and treatment of children with developmental disorders, including, Autism. During her time in Singapore and Australia, Vyda has supervised and trained many therapists, parents and health professionals in the application of ABA techniques to help families cope and manage the challenging behaviours of their children. She also is an accredited clinical supervisor for practitioners in the field.

    Vyda is frequently quoted and featured in various Singapore television, print and online media regarding a wide range of psychological matters for both adults and children.


    Vyda S. ChaiClinical Psychologist