Child Psychologists & Counsellors

Counselling and Therapy

Think Psychological Services is considered as one of the leading private child psychologist practices in Singapore.

At Think Psychological Services we understand that children think differently to adults and therefore need specialised therapy from an appropriately trained child psychologist or counsellor.
The main difference between counselling for children and adults is the need to alter therapy to allow for the child’s level of cognitive and emotional development.  This includes the fact that children may not be strong in verbal communication and are less likely to realise they are experiencing difficulties on their own.

At Think Psychological Services we have a team of child psychologist (both clinical, educational & developmental) and counsellors who specialise in children.  This allows us to offer a full suite of psychological services for children ranging from counselling to assessment / diagnosis to intervention recommendations and other intervention services (such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)) through our partner Think Kids.

At Think Psychological Services, we take a holistic approach to our child psychologist services which involves working closely with not only the child, but also their family, school and other professional service providers (e.g. ABA and social skills training providers such as Think Kids, speech therapists and occupational therapists).

Many parents seek our child psychologist services for a wide range of psychological and behaviour issues, inluding:

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Child Psychologists & Counsellors