Information on autism singapore (part-9)


Information On Autism singapore 

13. Who comprises the “Autism singapore ” or “Autistic” communities? 

The “Autism singapore  community” is usually understood to mean anyone affected by or having a professional interest in Autism singapore . That usually means the parents of Autistic people (and other family members, like siblings, or spouses), lay advocates, special education attorneys, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and Autistic people. Some people make a differentiation between “Autism singapore  community” to mean everyone other than Autistic people, and “Autistic community” to mean exclusively Autistic people. The default is to use “Autism singapore  community.”

14. Who are self-advocates?

Self-advocates are typically Autistic youth and adults. Some self-advocates are non-speaking and use non-traditional methods to communicate; other self-advocates are highly verbal and articulate using typical speech. Some self-advocates have extensive supportive services, whereas others are nearly entirely self-sufficient. Self-advocates have received the gamut of possible diagnoses and other labels, including low-functioning, high-functioning, Autism singapore , Asperger’s, and intellectual disability/mental retardation.

15. How should I refer to people affected by Autism singapore ?

Depends on whom you ask! Some of us prefer the terminology Autistic person or Autistic, whereas other people prefer to say person with autism singapore . Still others use the more neutral person on the autism singapore  spectrum. The philosophies and beliefs behind the arguments for these terms center around the social and attitudinal implications of the language. People who prefer Autistic tend to see Autism singapore  as an important and defining aspect of the person’s identity, whereas people who prefer person with autism singapore  tend to see autism singapore  as something that should be mitigated as much as possible and that does not impact the person’s identity on that fundamental level.
The most neutral way to refer to people is to say “on the autism singapore  spectrum” or “on the spectrum.” This avoids a potential inflammatory response.
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Information on autism singapore (part-9)