Information on autism singapore (part-11)



Information On Autism singapore 

19. What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the idea that certain conditions, including Autism singapore , are natural variations of the human genome, and are not defects that need to be fixed. Neurodiversity says that the ability of an individual should be augmented and supported, and the disability should be mitigated and accommodated. It says that the value or worth of the individual is not less because of Autism singapore , and that Autism singapore  is an important and valuable aspect of a person’s identity.

Historically speaking, neurodiversity is an extension of the Disability Rights Movement of the 1970s, which advocates the civil rights model of disability — that the primary and most significant challenges for Autistic or other disabled people are mostly societal problems such as non-inclusion, discrimination, or ableism.

20. Are Autistic people more likely to be violent or commit violent crimes than non-Autistic people?

No. In fact, a recent study showed that not only are Autistic people not more likely to commit a violent crime than non-Autistic people, but that the rate of violence among Autistics is lower than in the general population. Autistic people are also far more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators.

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Information on autism singapore (part-11)