Information on autism singapore (part-10)


Information On Autism singapore 



17. What about all this disagreement/arguing/vitriol/tension/hate I see online? 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of vitriol among the members of the Autism singapore  community. The “battle lines” usually center along the following debates or controversies:

  • Those who support a cure for Autism singapore , and those who oppose a cure for Autism singapore
  • Those who believe vaccines cause Autism singapore , and those who believe vaccines do not cause Autism singapore
  • Those who support the work of self-advocates to represent Autistics, and those who believe that parents are the only ones who can speak for their Autistic children
  • Many (but not all) parents of Autistic children (usually non-speaking), and many (but not all) self-advocates
  • Those who support the use of shock aversives, and those who do not
  • Those who believe an individual can “recover” from Autism singapore , and those who do not
  • Those who prefer “evidenced-based” interventions or therapies, and those who prefer non-traditional treatments

These disagreements, which are always personal and deeply emotional for all involved, often result in fighting, nasty exchanges of insults, and hurt feelings on internet forums, blogs, and social networking sites, as well as occasionally in person. No one “side” is entirely culpable for all of the hatred. I have seen other Autistics spew hatred as often as I have seen the parents of Autistic children spew hatred (which is, sadly, a lot.) It is very easy for those of us in the Autism singapore  community to be upset, personally offended, and enraged enough to want to go on a personal rampage against the other person.

18. Why do you capitalize Autistic and sometimes capitalize Autism singapore ?

I capitalize the word “Autistic” as if it were a proper adjective, for the same reason the Deaf and Blind communities capitalize the respective adjectives “Deaf” and “Blind.” We do it for the same reason Black people often capitalize that word. We capitalize it as a proper adjective or noun to represent our community and our identity.

I am inconsistent about capitalizing Autism singapore , and do it on occasion, such as on this page.

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Information on autism singapore (part-10)